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Herbin-Metz Education Center PTA

Herbin-Metz Education Center is part of the Guilford County School System and serves students in kindergarten through eighth grade who need the most intensive services offered on the education continuum. Our school serves students with moderate to severe developmental delays including autism or those whoa re in need of a highly structured environment that can be modified to address sensory challenges. Funds donated to us will help us provide technology and communication opportunities for students with limited verbal capacities. Thanks for joining our cause!

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Team Members

Name Goal Amount Raised
Jeffrey Phillips $100.00 $96.91
JULIE MELTON $500.00 $143.60
LAUREN MITCHELL $100.00 $577.02
NIKI LEFAIVE $200.00 $100.00
SHEILA LOONEY $500.00 $558.89
SUE HARVEY $100.00 $100.00

Our Contributors

Anonymous $3,105.81
Maurice Jennings $100.00
Sponsor Grant $50.00
Name Undisclosed $425.60
Lea Padelford $25.00
Teresa Jackson $53.51
Eleanor Boyd Wright $53.51
shirley Williams $10.00
Julie Melton $122.00
Julie Melton $21.60
Pamela Famolaro $20.00
Marcia Balas $25.00
linda wallace $25.00
Sharon Lasky $25.00
Maurice Jennings Sr. with Biscuitville $300.00
Beth Hair $20.00
Greater Faith Baptist Church of GSO $213.09
Susan L Harvey $100.00
Richelle DiLeonardo $26.91
Kathy Bignami $50.00
Name Undisclosed $53.51
Gail Norwood $100.00
Anonymous $21.60
Lisa Moser $50.00
Robin Hernandez $53.51
Amy Pfeifer $26.91
Sheila G Looney $106.38
Deonia Neveu $64.15
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