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SHIELD Mentor Program

We are building a stronger SHIELD Community!

Think back to your childhood and everything you wish you would have known then to help you along the way. Or think about the person who walked along your path to give you great advice. We all need guidance in every stage of our lives. Mentoring young people is one way that we can reach back to give youth the things we had and wish we had to make a huge difference. Your gift affords us the ability to do just that.

SHIELD Mentor Program is committed to giving our youth leadership development skills to succeed in life. Together, youth and adult volunteers participate in interactive workshops, team-building exercises, leadership development, and focus on a specific theme, such as goal setting, decision making, conflict resolution, effective communication, and teamwork. The youth mentoring program is an opportunity for youth to develop a personal plan for success through fun, interactive learning sessions with peers.


Youth who participate in the program have the opportunity to:

- develop valuable leadership skills

- observe the qualities of communication, teamwork, and leadership in their environment

- understand the difference between leadership and power

- learn more about the Greensboro community

- achieve an enhanced sense of self and the impact one can have on the community

- gain confidence in communication and public speaking

- learn more ways to be involved and make a difference

- gain new friends and connections


Make a lasting change in a child's life for less than $1 a day. Here's how your recurring donation can support 1 child at a time:

- $0.82 cents per day sponsors 1 child

- $5.75 per week sponsors 1 child

- $24.91 per month sponsors 1 child

- $299 per year sponsors 1 child

All donations, big or small, are greatly appreciated.


The more funds we can raise, the more we can do. Meeting our funding goal will set us up to have the most impactful programs and services since its inception.

When you make a gift to SHIELD (, you are joining the mission to see the young people we serve within the Greensboro community reach their full potential. Your gift will provide Greensboro's youth with committed mentors and life-changing leadership skills needed to be college and career ready.

Beyond money— we need your help spreading the word

At its heart, SHIELD Mentor Program is about helping youth reach their goals and dreams in life. We envision all of our participants to be future entrepreneurs, advocates, role models, success stories, and agents of change.


Send your check made out to the 'SHIELD Mentor Program' to:

SHIELD Mentor Program
3125 Kathleen Ave. #218
Greensboro, NC 27408

P.S. Help us spread the word by sharing your appreciation for mentoring and support of @shieldyouth on social media. Use #SupportSHIELD and encourage your friends and family to join the movement by making a contribution too!

For more information, call 336-337-2771

Thanks to you, our youth will have a brighter future!

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