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Resources for Artful Living

Resources for Artful Living (REAL) provides quality educational workshops based on the creative, expressive and living arts in the Triad for over 20 years.  Hazel and Anna are raising funds for REAL's "green living workshops".  REAL workshops, such as simplifying your lifestyle, planting organic gardens, reducing your carbon footprint, learning a new craft and how to build a tiny house, are extremely beneficial to our community as we recover from the economic recession, catastrophic storms and Covid-19. An overview of all REAL programs is provided at:

Your contribution will make a strong impact on our community. 
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Team Members

Name Goal Amount Raised
ANNA DANIEL $100.00 $325.00
HAZEL LANDERS $200.00 $178.00

Our Contributors

Anonymous $25.00
Amy Dawn Walker $30.00
Cathy Routley $10.00
Jennifer Dew $30.00
Nancy Gibble $20.00
Lundee Amos $50.00
Sharon Gade $50.00
Patty Booher $15.00
Arlou Surgeon $25.00
Margaret Cunningham $25.00
Sarah Rogers $50.00
Zora Medor $13.00
Helen Frye $20.00
Terri Drew $20.00
Darah Wiley $40.00
Loretta Boone $10.00
Kathy Conowall $75.00
Carolyn Norris $20.00
Sponsor Grant $50.00
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