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Greensboro, NC

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Animal Rescue Foster Program

25 years!  Animal Rescue & Foster Program (ARFP) volunteers have been walking in the Human Race for 25 years and want to make this year the most successful so as to help as many homeless animals as possible.  Please help us make year 26 the very best year for many animals.

ARFP is an in-home foster care program that is dedicated to the rescue and re-homing of abandoned puppies and kittens.  Each year over $100,000 is spent just in veterinary care alone for the animals rescued by ARFP volunteers.  This just covers spay/neuter surgeries and illnesses.  Vaccinations, dewormings, and medicines are an extra expense.
The Human Race is one of the many fundraisers that ARFP needs to help so many neglected, abandoned, and abused animals.  Your support has helped so many animals in the last 25 years.  Together, as a village, we hope to continue to help even more babies.  Please consider donating to one of our volunteers walking in the 2020 Human Race!   

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Team Members

Name Goal Amount Raised
BEN WEST $100.00 $0.00
CHRISTY MORAN $500.00 $728.17
DEB CALUSDIAN $500.00 $0.00
JENNY GRAY $500.00 $100.00
KELLY SCARBERRY $100.00 $84.46
KENDALL RANKIN $100.00 $53.51
PAM SPARKS $1,000.00 $668.50
SHARON GRAY $750.00 $63.51

Our Contributors

Katie Lyon $150.00
Amie Snell $26.91
Maria Duehring $30.00
Erin McCarthy $26.91
Brien and Bill Deuterman $100.00
Sherlon Coiner $53.51
Joseph Yow $50.00
Nancy Mcneill $50.00
Melissa Streuli $53.51
Adriana Gullo $30.00
Gretchen and Matt Gudites $26.91
Tony McGraw $50.00
Fiona & Luna Donovan $26.91
Dudley Webb-Cotto $26.91
Happy Rieth $53.51
Sharon Botts $25.00
Leslie Swofford $26.91
Christy Moran $26.91
Jennifer Johnson $26.91
Carolyn Barr $53.51
Kelly Goonan $10.00
Liz Kennedy $30.00
Susan Abbott $106.70
Lori Wright $26.91
Carrie Vickers $26.91
Robin Scarberry $20.00
Kelly M Scarberry $10.64
Rene Hendrix $50.00
Janet Inmon $53.51
Kathy Yetso $53.51
Anonymous $50.00
Sponsor Grant $50.00
Scott Brady $100.00
Name Undisclosed $53.51
Bill & Fran Lusk $26.91
Lisa McConnell $106.70
Name Undisclosed $266.28
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